The technology - vitroTV Digital Displays

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Dreamers & Builders

We are a veteran team with years of experience in hardware design & manufacture, media, security & IoT. With an open standards frame of mind.

the technology


Only the best technology

Keeping you safe in the knowledge that your display is secure,
reliable and as amazing as it can be.

Patent panding certification technology

Our patent pending certification technology builds logs for images, advertisements for images that are hardware verified to be on screen.


- iMX6 Chipset
- NXP ASIL B hardware design

Always active and connected

4.x mainline linux kernel supports on-the-fly updating with no reboot, great power management & all critical security updates.


- 4.x Kernel built wth Linux

Cyber security keeps your devices hack-proof

A hardware provisioned key placed onto our board allows for Zero-touch registration that occurs as soon as the unit is powered on. This keeps all our IOT devices safe from cyber crime.


- Zero touch registration with Micrchip

Maximum performance

Innovative IoT

IoT services make connected displays into contextually relevant, always-on, localized views into all sorts of information including: wayfinding, schedules, album artwork for ambient music, happy-hour specials, sales flyers, weather, sports scores, even pollen counts.


- Amazon Web Services

Critical alerts in emergancies

Integration with internationally adopted systems for location-specific alerts including: weather emergencies, fire and police alerts.


- Broadcast from iPAWS and CAP alerts systems
- Patent-pending radio system pairing CDMA (3G) radio with    traditional IP (CAT5, wifi)

All this, and we are still innovating...

We wonder what we could do for you