Simple, sophisticated
digital displays


Your all-in-one
display solution

Sleek customised LED & LCD displays for signage or decoration. Easy to build, simple to maintain.

Easy to set up

Assemble like legos into signs that can contain 50 or 100 LED screens.

Simple to maintain

All the screens are connected together and managed from a network link.

Beautifully Built

Super slim with a sleek design



Created with the best technology

Our controller runs mainline Linux. So no Blue Screens of Death.
Just beautiful, secure, immersive, lightning quick streaming.

the technology

Modular Design

Modular free-form assembly makes a versatile system that's easy to service.

Why our solution is simply the best


Securely managed & hack-proof


Built with Linux, so more reliable than every other display system out there

Indoor / Outdoor

Choose the setup that's right for your needs: Indoor & outdoor versatile displays


No remotes to lose or forget

Any size, any shape

LEDs can be combined to form any shape & size, with up to 100 modules for a single screen


Maintain constant contact with your displays wherever you, or they are

All this, and we are still innovating...

We wonder what we could do for you